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About Vagabond VC

Vagabond VC, simply put, is where travel meets venture capital. My goal is to bring stories, interviews, and data behind the startup and venture capital (VC) landscapes worldwide.

I created Vagabond VC as a media, investment, and advisory platform focused on startups in global emerging markets. I release a regular newsletter on trends in these markets and conduct interviews with individuals in the venture capital ecosystem. I also advise startups on business development and venture funding. I came up with Vagabond VC’s concept in 2018 when I began Angel Investing in startups. I officially launched the platform in 2020, and I currently run it as my side hustle to date. Do you know a founder or VC in an emerging market to whom I should talk? Let me know!

My name is Zeb Hastings, and after 8 years of sitting behind a desk, I decided to pack a bag, buy a one-way ticket to South America, and begin exploring the world. 2020 wasn’t the best year to choose, as Covid-19 sent me right back home after two months on the road. However, I have plans to pick up right where I left off.

Why venture capital? I have always been interested in technology, new ideas, innovation, and disruption. I would consume podcasts, newsletters, and visit rumor mill websites to keep up with the latest trends. In Fall 2017, my knowledge and interests in technology got completely overhauled when I was introduced to Jason Calacanis’ “Angel” and got a peek behind the curtain to private investment and the processes behind bringing these tech companies and trends into existence. I was hooked. I immediately began learning about VC, startups, and even personally investing in private companies myself.

My personal philosophy is that we all only get one life; therefore, it is our duty to continuously improve our way of living. I firmly believe that these improvements will be created by visionaries bringing new and disruptive technology into existence. Vagabond VC is my attempt to find out who is going to change the world next. I hope you come along for the ride.

More About Zeb

I am a startup investor and advisor living the vagabond life on the road. I am interested in global emerging markets and meeting the people innovating in them. My passions are focused on technology, startups, music, politics, and learning about what makes people tick. I am a big believer in leaving this world better than we found it. Contact me, and let’s chat about startup and travel!

Professional Background

In my startup advising, I focus on business development, operations, and fundraising strategies. I am currently on the marketing team for Seedstars, where I lead our analytics efforts for studying entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging markets. Before this, I did content marketing and led operations for Sutton Capital, a global venture fund and VC education program based in New York. I have several certifications in the VC field, including VC University from U.C. Berkeley and Venture Deals from Techstars.

My key professional strengths for startups include startup fundamentals, go-to-market strategy, business operations, and KPI reporting. I am experienced with capitalization table analysis, valuations, term sheets, due diligence, pitch decks, and fundraising strategy for venture funding purposes.

I have been fortunate to have had a successful career before pivoting into the VC and startup ecosystem. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Tennessee with a dual-focused major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management. I also completed my minor study in Psychology. My official career background is in Supply Chain Operations, which I have done in several industries, including Transportation, Retail, Consumer Goods, and Pharmaceuticals. I hold a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification in this field, prioritizing process optimization and improvement.